#11 Awesome! L4D #1

Co-op | Normal
Players: 0 / 4

    #12 Awesome! L4D #2

    Co-op | Normal
    Players: 3 / 4
    • Møø₦ⱡł₲h₮
    • by xatab
    • Chris

    #13 Awesome! L4D #3

    Co-op | Normal
    Players: 0 / 4

      #21 Awesome! L4D2 #1

      Players: 0 / 4

        #22 Awesome! L4D2 #2

        Players: 0 / 4

          #23 Awesome! L4D2 #3

          Players: 0 / 4

            Global Chat

            You can send a message to players on another server by typing !X text. Replace the X with a server number (see above, !0 is to all the servers).

            Private Chat

            You can chat privately by typing /p player_name message. The player's name can be either their ID (status command) or first letters of the name.

            Gear Drop

            You can drop your stuff, be it a weapon or a pipe-bomb. To make it easier you may create a bind. Type in the console bind g sm_drop then hit the G key to throw your current weapon away. Or you can just type /drop in the chat.

            Gear Transfer

            You can pass your stuff to your teammate by pressing the right mouse button or the R key if it's a medkit.

            Custom Campaigns

            The server has custom campaigns. To play one of them, type !votemap. Make sure you have downloaded (https://www.gamemaps.com/) and installed their latest versions.

            Custom Gameplay

            You can change some gameplay parameters in the !menu.

            Any Game Mode

            You can change game mode by typing !gamemode. After that you might need to change current map.

            Charater Selection

            Type !csm.

            Shut Up!!!

            Kids? Trolls? Try the !shutup command.

            More Players

            To allow one or two more players join you, enter in the !menu, then choose 5(6) players.


            Can be turned on in the !menu.

            Bug Fixes

            - Witch doesn't run after a wrong player.
            - It is now impossible to avoid kick by reconnecting.

            ... and a few chat tricks

            /me text - a virtual action;
            someone please kill me - instant death;
            if you're feeling lucky, type i am feeling lucky.


            The only rule is, DON'T be a dick.

            PLEASE NOTE

            The server is hosted on a crappy VPS, expect sudden reboots and some downtime. Also, you are being watched